Friday 26 May 2017

Summer Mode

With the May Long Weekend behind me, and my de-winterization completed, I am officially in Summer Mode.

This means that I have fresh water in my fresh water tanks, and fresh water running through my pipes. 

What’s more I can wash my hands using the taps and yes have a shower. Apart from being at a campsite, this is as close to “normalcy” as I get.

Even still I don’t use the water in my fresh water tanks for cooking or drinking. It’s not because it is unsafe, but simply because I reserve it for: showers, washing hands and flushing the toilet. 

For cooking, drinking and washing of dishes I still use my five gallon jugs. This way I can stretch things out and get five showers out of my fresh water tank. 

I still haven’t figured out where I will get fresh water, other than the dump station in the north. 

That one won’t open up for another week, so I will likely be back to jug showers for next week. I’ll be okay; I’ll live and make it through, as I have seen this all before.

I stay motivated by knowing and reminding myself about the future that I am building for myself by living this way . . . for now.

The happy thing is that I am in summer mode and I can actually have a shower in my own shower and not have to bundle up with seven layers. 

Don’t forget to pause and take in the happy moments and small pleasures that come your way each day. 

Take the time to give yourself a reason to smile, even on the dreariest of days, by noticing even something small that has gone your way.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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