Tuesday 9 May 2017

Perception Problems

This is more about a problem that others have experienced, rather than a problem that has happened to me. 

People are used to a certain way that people are supposed to live. Everyone knows that you are supposed to get a job, give away most of that cash in order to just exist.

You are supposed to have a fixed address, a house or other dwelling. This is just what people do, ‘normal’ people anyways.

So when people first learn that someone lives in an RV parking on streets or in big-box store parking lots, they have a hard time understanding that.

This can lead to problems with people, specifically how they see you and how they interact with you. 

I stay away from any residential area, because people will get nervous and uncomfortable with someone living an RV which is parked outside their house.

Parking and living in an industrial area, however, also comes with problems. This is because of break-ins and people casting a suspicious eye your way.

There is the perception that only the poor and destitute would live in an RV. Even worse is the fact that the perception is that most of us out here are drug addicts.

This is where the perception becomes a problem. You see, in the evenings and weekends industrial areas are not exactly the hub of activity.

You could even say that they look abandoned, or even evacuated. This lack of people around in the wee hours of the night proves too tempting a target for thieves. 

There have been a number of break-ins in my area and the people who are doing these break ins are usually the actual drug addicts looking for cash or small stuff they can sell or trade for their next hit.

As yet, while I have been questioned if I have seen anything from a break in the night before, I have not had the hassles with the police or bylaw officers.

Part of my theory is to why this is, is that yes, that I move around twice a day, but also the fact that my truck and trailer are newer. 

This does not fit the preconceived notions of what a ‘desperate and destitute’ person would live in, and so I am not a ‘cop magnet.’

At least that is my personal theory, other than that, I have just been lucky, I guess. All that I or anyone else living this Urban Nomad Lifestyle wants is to be left alone to live our lives like we see fit.

I am doing this to get my debts eliminated and then build up my finances. Others do this lifestyle for the freedom of movement. All are attracted to the cheap cost of living.

More importantly, all are people who are just trying to get ahead in the world.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward! 

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