Tuesday 16 May 2017

Grocery Spreadsheet’s Inauguration

Okay, so one thing I did over the weekend was to give my Grocery List Spreadsheet a trial run, and it worked great.

First of all I needed to populate the spreadsheet with data, not only on what stuff that I would want to buy, but also on what price they were.

To do this I went around both stores and pretended to shop with my iPad. To look less conspicuous, I pushed a shopping cart around the store while holding iPad.

My cart was empty but for the few times I had to grab an item and to in search of the “check price here” scanning device in the store.

At the start I had an identical list of items in each store’s list. If an item wasn’t available in a certain store, or a particular brand I liked wasn’t there, I just deleted that line from that store’s list.

When it came time to make my shopping list I found a flaw in the sheet and had to make a change. 

That change was to add a line at the footer of each sheet, telling me how much both stores were going to cost me.

This line is just under the line which totals up what that particular store is going to cost me. 

This way I can see what my overall grocery expenditure is going to be and adjust it accordingly, before I go to either store.

I am not sure if I will run around both stores again before shopping or just update the sheet as I go. I will see how it rolls out, but for now it is working as expected.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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