Friday 12 May 2017

Debt Slave, Indentured Servant, or Freeman?

I watched a video on YouTube last night and it got me thinking. I know what you’re thinking, you can’t believe everything you see or read on the internet, and I don’t.

There are times when little nuggets of knowledge will stick with and resonate within you. This was one of those times.

The video was on the theory that five very rich families rule the world. (FYI, they were: The Rothschilds, The Duponts, The Rockefellers, The Morgans, and The Bushes.)

I won’t get into the validity of the video or the theory that it was discussing. 

I, for one, am not sure if “The Illuminati,” “The New World Order” or any of that is true. That is the subject of a separate debate, to be sure.

What did resonate with me was a graph splashed on the screen and at the bottom was a band called “Debt Slaves.” It was this title that got me thinking . . . 

All our lives we are taught that money is vital, and that being in debt is not just okay, but “normal.” We buy things, not only to live, but also just to have then throw away.

We earn money just to turn around and give most of it away on or just after payday. We have come to accept that money is life, without it you die. 

Yet strangely, we can’t keep any of it. Odd, eh? 

Most of us have “debt which springs eternal,” meaning we can and will never see the end of it. This kind of debt truly makes you a Debt Slave. 

For you are a slave to “whoever runs the show,” because of, and enslaved by, debt. Take heart, for you can still find a way to buy your freedom, yet it will be harder, and take much longer.

If you have a big fat asset, like a house and you have enough equity in it that if you sold it, you could pay your debts off, congrats, you are just an “Indentured Servant.” 

This is because, while it is possible for you to buy your freedom in on fell swoop, you are still tied and indentured to whoever “they” are. 

You are better off than the Debt Slave, but you are still owned. 

Then there are the Freeman . . . no, not “Freeman on The Land.” 

I don’t agree with them because you can’t just ignore the laws or governments, just because you want to. Like it or not, they control the country you’re in. 

As long as you are in “Bob’s House,” you have to go by Bob’s Rules . . . it’s his house, after all! If you don’t like Bob’s Rules . . . leave Bob’s House. (But I digress.)

I use the term “Freeman” to mean any person (man, woman, trans, etc) who has freed themselves from debt and is therefore in control of their lives.

You can still use debt, but make sure it is on your terms, with a fixed end date, and that you are the master of it, not the other way around. 

A Freeman has more assets and cash reserves than debt, therefore still in control, and still free. A Freeman is free because they can choose to do what they wish, even stop working (for a time) if they wish.

As for me, I am an Indentured Servant, on my way to becoming a Freeman. I don’t write this blog entry to preach or push the theory of “New World Order” or any of that stuff. Stuff that I am not sure is real or not, but to do what I always want to do . . . inspire.

I hope that those of you who are Debt Slaves see this as a wakeup call and use my experience as an example that it is possible to buy your freedom and in so doing, take control of your life back.

If you need a few pointers or just encouragement, message me, I will offer what assistance I can, but is up to you to begin that journey and work to earn your freedom. 

It is possible and it is worth it . . . buy your freeeeeeeeeeedooooooooom!

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  1. I picture you doing Mel Gibson's last line in Braveheart here, then I remember you are not a movie person...but I'll do it! I honor of my divorce!