Tuesday 2 May 2017

I Got a Plan

Okay, so yesterday I was grumbling about not achieving a balanced budget for the upcoming payperiod. I now have a plan to come close . . . though it is a long shot.

I won’t achieve balance, not really, as I have to pull money out of my Mid-Term Savings. This was planned, though, as I am paying for Wanda’s Insurance up front.

What I am trying to do is maintain my “always stay above $1k in my Main Account” policy to me, dropping below $1k, is dipping into my Personal Overdraft.

Why is this important? It is important because all of my future budgets are based on the assumption that I will be out of my Personal Overdraft by the end of the previous budget cycle. 

Failure to do this will have a cascading affect on future budgets and force me to scrimp and save down the line to correct the problem caused in this budget.

Staying out of my Personal Overdraft gives me option of dipping into that overdraft when I really need it, as in some dire fiscal emergency or large unforeseen expense.

I know that I will more than likely have to buy a bottle of propane this week. This is not all that unexpected because the last one I bought was on April 1 and it is still going (not bad).

If I use the $15.00 that I have left over in my Grocery Wallet for this, I can save the $20.00 I would have to put back into the Utilities Wallet if I used its money.

If I am super conservative with fuel and come in as low as I did last time, and if payday is even a few bucks more than expected, I just might do it . . . with like a dollar to spare. 

This is just another game that I play, in order to get things back on track and myself in a better mindset. 

The easy thing to do would be to just take more cash out of the Mid-Term Savings. That would then put my other further goals at risk and . . . be much less challenging and . . . let’s face it . . . less fun.

I know, Fun? Budgeting? For me, it is partially about how far I can push things and push myself. What can I do, if I really need to, if I really push myself?

We shall see how things turn out, but even if I am a few bucks short, I am still much closer to my goal and overall goals by at least trying. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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