Monday 1 May 2017

Deficits are Draining

Okay, so all in all it was a good weekend, as I was in my Western Home. That is always nice, as I get to put my stabilizer jacks down, and the slide-out out. 

This means a bit of space, and not being so cramped as well as not having yahoos zip by my house at high speed, two feet from my window (always fun).

For me, a weekend in a big-box store parking lot, is almost (almost) as good as a campground. I do make sure to buy my weekly groceries at said big-box store, as a thank you.

Speaking of which; with regards to the subject of Friday’s blog, I did end up cracking a twenty, two of them in fact. 

So, I have ended up doing something that I haven’t done in close to a year now . . . spending all of my grocery budget for a given payperiod *gasp*. 

While this doesn’t mean that I went over budget, but to a miser like me, it kinda does, as my target is $60.00 per pay period and I spent $100.00. 

(Okay, I technically have $15.00 and change left, but it is officially spent, as per my budgeting system.)

This is sorta a loss, for me, but I know that there are large items that you steadily use over time that you don’t buy every payday. 

When you have to buy them, you have to buy them, there really is no choice. That is what happened to me this weekend, but we’ve all been there. 

That is not what put me into a deficit budget for the third straight deficit budget (as in this upcoming one for the May 7 Payperiod.)

What really put me into this deficit budget situation were the shorter days in April; that kinda killed me on the income side. (Which results in me having less hours on these two paycheques.)

The fact that my laptop power supply died, and a few other unforeseen expenses didn’t help either.  

Again, that is life, and is why we, or I, have a Mid-Term Savings Account. This way I can run a deficit budget for a few payperiods and not be totally screwed. 

I am not a government, however, so I can’t live on deficit budgets, only obtaining balance in election years. I can’t just float a bond or tax someone to raise cash. 

(If I did that it would be called extortion, but that is the subject of a different blog altogether).

I should return to balance come the May 22 Payperiod, and with it (as timing would have it) I should also have running water in Wanda’s pipes. 

(A luxury I live without for about 7 months of the year.)

I am still on track for making my new Total Debt Freedom Day of October 22, 2017. I have marked this date down as my hard limit date; I will not push it any further unless it is absolutely necessary. 

As it stands, due to my current fiscal constraints, my planed vacation in August is on hold and may not be resurrected, unless I have a string of surplus budgets (doubtful).

This is what I must do in order to finally turn the page on debt and do something that many working stiffs never do . . . become totally debt free.

On an interesting side note, Friday’s blog entry was number 800, this is my 801th blog entry, and it is interesting how time flies by. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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