Thursday 25 May 2017

Massive Bill Moved Up

Okay, so as you may know my goal is to not only be totally debt free by October 22 of this year, but also to reduce my obligated monthly bills to one (mobile phone bill).

This means that my monthly insurance payment has to go . . . fine. To do this I must change the way I pay for my truck insurance at the time of renewal.

My insurance cycle starts on August 1, so I figured that all I had to do was go in on my July 22 payday and change things around. 

Since I was in the area on Tuesday (for my delayed payday) I decided to ask my insurance company. 

This was a good idea as it turns out that in order to do this I need to change things around on the July 7 payday, one full payday earlier!

This will make things tight, but I will be able to do this, and as the added bonus I won’t have any more monthly insurance payments, starting in July. 

My June Monthly insurance payment will be my last, so that is a positive. I will also review my insurance at that time to see if I can save a bit.

Now that the truck is totally paid off and there is no lean against it, I may be able to conserve a bit on insurance yet not put myself at a greater risk.

This will be one more step forward to my total mastery of my own cash flow and yes moving me towards getting a place to put down roots, my goal beyond total debt freedom.

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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  1. You can save a boatload on insurance if you drop collision coverage. A bit of a risk, but if you are a good driver it is well worth it. Glass coverage is also insanely expensive. I only carry basic PL/PD, but we all have different comfort levels. % more months roughly! It's getting exciting! I eel like I should grow a play-off beard! You have inspired me to re-set and raise my financial goals, so thank you for that! Keep swinging for the fences!