Wednesday 24 February 2016

The Laptop Coughed up Blood

Okay, not really, but in a manner of speaking it let me know that its outlook was not good. I turned the laptop on this morning and got a warning from it that the condition of the internal battery was not good and asked me if I still wanted to boot up.

This confirms what I have known for some time now, that my laptop (specifically the battery) is pretty much toast and must be plugged in at all times. Sure, this may be just the small internal battery that runs the clock, but I don’t think so, as the date and time were fine when I booted up. 

I will run this laptop until it finally: clutches its chest, stagers around while shouting obscenities in a very theatrical and Shakespearean scene, before  falling to its knees, screaming then gasping its last breath while collapsing over, dead . . . not just dead but Smegging Dead.

I have the credit to either buy a new laptop on some store payment plan or to buy one and stuff it on a card. I could also pay cash and in so doing either pause my down payment savings plan or my personal savings plan. 

I won’t do either, I will run this laptop as long as I can and deal with replacing it when the time comes. I do have my back up netbook, as in a tiny little thing which runs Windows XP . . . I think. 

This is just another of those little obstacles that life tosses in your way. I will continue with my plan to spend nothing that I don’t absolutely have to. Why?

I will do everything that I can to buy a place before winter. Why?

I had the joy of drying off while cold in my cold house this morning (below 10C) As I was doing this I again dreamed of actually living in a warm house and not freezing my butt off next winter. 

I can do it, I can live in this RV on the streets of Calgary during the winter. Sure, financially it would be advantageous to wait another year. At the end of the day, however, I just don’t want to be cold anymore. Truly, I’m done with all of this . . . well, almost done; just a few months to go.

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