Thursday 25 February 2016

I Miss My Shorts

I do, I miss living in my shorts, or more specifically having to wear shorts . . . I miss being warm. I know that the weather is much warmer than it should be this time of year and much warmer than our friends out east.

I look at the weather forecasts and see the highs that are coming but still wake up in the cold. I still grumble but almost don’t bother to turn the furnace on when it is zero in my house. I do though and it warms up.

I know that nobody likes to hear anyone bitch and moan, and I try to keep that to a minimum. I find that it is during this time of year that this lifestyle gets to me the most. 

It is when you can almost feel the warm weather coming, you know that warm temps are around the corner, yet not quite here. That is the hardest to take. 

In the darkest depths of winter you just accept it, you kinda tell yourself that the world will never warm up, that this is just the way that it always will be. Summer seems so far off that you just accept it.

Here, on the cusp of summer and the unleashing of pasty-legs on the world for another summer season, I am still frustrated and lounging around in my three layers of thermal undies. 

I will get through this and, if I have anything to say about it, I will be in my house next winter. Mayhaps without furniture, but I will have a house nonetheless. 

First things first, make it to the warm weather then get the house and finally, don’t freeze next winter.

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