Monday 8 February 2016

I’m Tired

I’m tired of this existence, no not this mortal existence, but this living in an RV as an Urban Nomad. I can do it, I can hack it, I can and could live the rest of my life in this RV, but at the end of the day, I just don’t want to.

Sure, it is possible that in three years I could be totally debt free. That sounds nice and all but you know what happens after three years? My ass is still living in an RV, still sleeping in Walmart Parking lots (as a treat on the weekend). 

When I started this journey, and this blog, it was to TEMPORARILY downgrade my lifestyle with two goals: 1) getting my credit card debt paid off, 2) getting a house. 

With #1 done, it is time to work on #2.

No, I am not running out to buy the first thing I can find; I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Nope, I will work on saving up my down payment ($10,000) and getting that mortgage preapproval by Aug 1, 2016. 

Don’t worry, I will not be staring any “crowdfunding campaign” not only because I know how those go over for me, but also because why should anyone else help me buy a house? Sure the real estate agent, but I‘m paying them. 

(But hey, if you somehow feel motivated to contribute to the down payment fund, go on and send the money my way.)

You may be curious just what kind of place I am looking for. Well, let’s start with what I am not looking for. I am not looking for a Condo or townhouse (I wise man once told me “no strata living”). 

Also, for me, one of the reasons that you buy a place is to not have neighbours right next to you (or on all sides of you). 

I am also not looking to buy in the city, as even living in a typical suburban neighbourhood seems claustrophobic to me.  

What I am looking for is:

A house (not necessarily fancy).
Preferably with a basement. 
Somewhere east and/or south east of Calgary.
Out in the country, not in a village or hamlet.
No more than an hour’s commute to my work (preferably half an hour or less).
On no less than 2 Acres of land (the more the better).
Garage and/or workshop optional (but will be built eventually).

One of the reasons that I like living on the Canadian Prairies is that buying such a place is possible.  You can live on an acreage in the country and still have a reasonable commute to work. 

What actually unfolds remains to be seen and what place I actually end up with is also unknown. The two things I do know is this 1) I am buying a house, and 2) moving day will be quick and easy, as I have no furniture and few possessions. 

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