Tuesday 23 February 2016

Hurdle Financial Management

It is troubling how niggling little things keep cropping up and attacking my budget. I do, however, still make things work and still pay my bills. 

What doesn’t seem to happen is that as much money gets put aside as I would like, or intend. While it is tempting to see this as a failure on my part and just focus on the negative aspect of this, I chose not to.

It would be also easy to say that the world or the universe or whatever you choose to believe is out to get me. I also reject this thinking. 

I choose to see these bumps in the financial road as hurdles that I must jump over in the long distance race that is life. 

Life is like a race that you run against yourself, you are a runner and there are obstacles that you must overcome, hurdles you jump over. 

I keep my eye on what matters, my goal, and keep moving forward, keep jumping hurdles. For me, I envision myself standing proud in the centre of the compound that is my future home and acreage. 

In my mind I look around and survey all that I see that is mine: house, fields, outbuildings and all. It is this image that keeps me going now . . . well, that and not freezing next winter.

If I happen to hit a hurdle and stumble, I get up, and yes, keep moving forward. I try to learn from my mistakes but not dwell on them.

Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because it looks as though I will not be out of my personal overdraft until the end of March. This is slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

It also looks as though, without a larger than usual paycheque or two, that I won’t quite have my target of $1000.00 in the contingency fund set aside in time for my trip. I will still go, don’t worry about that.

Again, I will keep moving forward and keep doing what I can to reach these goals that I have set for myself. 

Progress is not flashy or daring and life is not a montage but the boring bits that are cut out of a montage. I will somehow pull this out, I will somehow make this work, that much you can be sure of.

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