Friday 19 February 2016

The Good Side of Anxiety

As I expected, as payday draws near it has become clear that even with my super tight budget, it looks like I won’t quite make it out of my personal overdraft. 

As it stands I will be a few hundred dollars short of my target of keeping $1000.00 in my account at all times. 

I will, however, be out of my overdraft with a moderate and sensible budget on my next payday, the 7th of March. 

It is the frustration and agitation that I am feeling having less than that $1000.00 in my account that I am blogging about today. 

For me, this is the same feeling that I have felt when I was actually in my overdraft, as in the real one, the one I have with the bank. 

It is a feeling of being in a risky and even dangerous position, more specifically a place that does not feel “normal” to me.

What this means is that I have successfully trained myself that “0” in my bank is what other people would see as “$1000.00.” All of my instincts tell me to get above that mark as soon as possible, and stay there.

Yes, I have actually mused stealing a bit of cash from my savings plan just to do that. My savings plan is on track and shall remain that way. 

My savings plan is not something I am going to mess with, just to get out of my own overdraft. Some things are non-negotiable, and for me, this is one of those things.

It just goes to show that “Normal” really is relative, and you can (and do) teach yourself what is “Normal” for you. 

If you see and accept that being mired in perpetual debt is normal, then you shall remain in perpetual debt, never to get out of it, because that has become your normal and natural state.

So, I shall leave you with this, take a second look at your debts and financial picture, and feel free to get shocked, outraged and yes, anxious about it. 

Scare yourself into action by imagining what would happen if you lost your job.

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