Tuesday 2 February 2016

Groundhog Day, Smoundhog Day

I don’t know what one furball says about things, I predict six more weeks of this kinda winter, kinda not, so in that respect, perhaps early onset of Anti-Fall.

It is a fun and interesting tradition dating back to a more superstitious time. I don’t know anyone who puts much stock in this day, but it is fun to see what a woodchuck has to say about the weather. 

All I can guess about its origins was that you were bored, cold, and tired of being cold, so you would look for any indication of when the seemingly eternal coldness will end. 

So why not a woodchuck, it kinda has a bit of style to it, as far as odd traditions go. At least we don’t sacrifice that woodchuck on a stone alter to appease the “gods” of winter, hoping they will let spring come early. 

In comparison, waiting to see if a woodchuck can see it shadow or not is a much more humane and less terrifying for the kids tradition. 

All I know, is that it will still be chilly for the next few months, it only needs to be seen just how chilly it will be. I won’t break out the shorts, just yet.

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