Wednesday 3 February 2016

Mental Focus, Determines Your Reality

It is a lesson that I seem to keep reminding myself, but where your mind wanders, so to your attitude will. 

So it stands to reason that if you focus on the negative the filter that you see the world through will either be skewed through it. 

Rarely do we see the world in the neutral or unfiltered state. We tend to see the world through glasses that are either negative or positive in nature. 

Once again this depends on our mood but we do have both sets of glasses in varying strengths. As things happen to us we either see how they are good or bad. 

We can either really believe in the natural goodness of people or we can see how the universe is conspiring against us. 

These attitudes are a buildup and manifestation of all of the little things that happen to us as we go through our daily lives. If we tag enough events as “good” then we tend to have a “Good Day” and see more things as good. 

The same happens when it comes to “Bad Days.” We string together various random events and attach a label of “Bad” to them and if we start to see a pattern then we tell ourselves “this is going to be a bad day” 

After that, guess what, we start to see more and more things as bad, and this cycle of negativity continues to spiral downwards. 

Remember boys and girls, you are the only person who has to live with your bad mood . . . Everyone else can walk away from it, but you’re stuck with it, carrying that thing around like a ball and chain.

My advice (to myself most of all) . . . Since you’re going to have a day anyways, why not choose to have a good one?

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