Thursday 18 February 2016

Back In The Fall Mode Groove!

Okay, I know that I may be tempting fate, as I know that that one last great winter storm of epic proportions is lurking around the corner, just waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on me and pummel me with -40C temperatures and blowing snow, but . . . I have switched to “Fall Mode” 

So far that storm has decided to take up residence in the eastern part of the country (giggle and snicker).

With the weather (around here) being much nicer than it should be for late February, and looking like it will be for some time to come, I have altered what I am doing. I know that the weather can turn in a day and I may well switch back to “Winter Mode” in a flash, but Winter Mode sucks, so I like to avoid it when I can.

I have started using my 5 Gallon Jug for my water, rather than my six 1.5 liter bottles. Since I don’t have to worry about everything freezing come morning or after work, I can get away with this.

I have also started using my sinks and yes my toilet again . . . this is a luxury that I have missed. Oh the happy joy of pooping in your own toilet. 

I still don’t have water in my fresh water tank and won’t for some time to come. I will not make the mistake of de-winterizing any time soon. The main reason is that I don’t want to risk my pipes or water pump freezing and cracking with the onset of a sudden drop in temperatures. 

The other reason is that there is no point in de-winterizing until I can get water from a dump station. If it gets to a point where it looks that the plus-zero weather (even overnight) is here to stay, I may do it anyways, but we shall see. 

I have put my -40C rated sleeping bag into the cupboard and have taken to sleep in actual sheets! Oooh, Luxury. I still lounge around in my three layers of thermal undies, and that helps keep the heat bills down.  

I am adaptive and will roll with the punches. I may yet have to dump my tanks in a hurry before a winter storm. Until then, I will enjoy the simple pleasures of what I can get away with now that the weather is warmer than it has been. 

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