Thursday 30 January 2014

The Last Roommate Ever

As I write this,  I am sitting in an almost empty townhouse.  All of my stuff.  (Save for a few odds and ends) have been moved out either to storage or to my new place.  A few items have yet to find their way to the dumpster outside.

Yesterday morning I reminded the roommate about two things,  to give him a heads up as it were. 1) that our stuff should be out tonight but had to be gone but morning and 2) that I would be returning the Cable/Internet equipment today to the cable company.  He nodded and agreed casually.

I loaded up the stuff which was to go to my new house in the truck and off I went.  On my way I decided to first drop off the cable equipment.

There I got the surprise bill of $64.95 for "pay per view movies" (adult movies to be precise) All charged last Friday  (a week ago).

Naturally when I got home after dropping my stuff off to my new  home (at about 5:30 pm) and returning here to do last minute cleaning and what have you,  you cabin guess what I found.

All of the stuff that Roommate cared about was gone and the bulky crappy he didn't want (and assorted garage) was left behind. 

Now,  I had not intended to stay in touch with roommate,  and in these final days of his tenure here he has changed his phone number twice. I never bothered to keep track of it. Besides,  if he is willing to do this to me, a phone call won't make Jim pay.

I swear this.  He is the last Roommate I will ever have. He is the last person who's bills I will be responsible for. At least with a wife/girlfriend 1) you both share the responsibility and failing that 2) at least I am getting a little somein'-somein along the way.

But now to focus on the happy things like closing out the townhouse and turning in the keys this morning.

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