Tuesday 14 January 2014

The Gateway Spend

I almost did it to myself, I almost fell into the trap of the Gateway Spend. You know what that is, don’t you? It is that first spend which enables and/or entraps you into further spending.

If I do “just get a hitch” for the truck, then what? A hitch doesn’t do anything by itself. You need the trailer to go with it. So what if I just get a cheap trailer? Well then I will want to use it.

That means camping fees (with hook-ups) and then of course there is the propane . . . and gas . . . and fuel. When I am not towing it I will need to store it somewhere, so there is that cost . . . and always something extra.

You see where this is going . . . “just getting a hitch” is the same as getting a trailer. If that is the case then I might as well use the money I would have spent on the hitch to be the down payment and initial payment on the trailer and roll the hitch into the cost of the trailer loan.

That would then put a further dent in my budget and tie me into the costs listed above. As it stands now I do just have a tent (grumble) and I can use it (grumble) to go camping for a fraction of those above costs. Yes it would be fun to go camping and if someone were to just magically give me a trailer (not likely) I would then consider “just getting a hitch” and seeing where that goes.

For now I will focus on first getting into the room and then paying down that first Credit Card. The trouble is that I have two free family passes for the upcoming RV Show here in town.

If anyone is interested in one of them contact me.  More than likely I will need a chaperone for it so I don’t walk away with a trailer. Yes I know the smart thing to do would be to just not go but what would be the fun in that? Perhaps next year, when my cards are almost, if not paid off I can buy one as a treat, who knows, for now, I will resist the temptation of the Gateway Spend.

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