Monday 6 January 2014

The Cycle of Payday

Okay, today is payday for me and it is always an emotional time full of highs and lows. As I have said before I like my job and my boss. In all the time that I have worked here I have not asked for a raise, nor have I had to, I have received raises incrementally.

I fully understand that being a boss and/or business owner is not a picnic. You are always worried about: sales, cash flow, productivity and employees to name a few of your challenges and to top it all off you are the last person to get paid. Trust me I do empathize but this will not stop me from using an old metaphor about the Working Man and “The Man.” (All in good hearted fun of course).

For those of us who toil in the trenches of modern society we look up and see The Eagle, flying free and majestically high above us. The Eagle is “The Man” AKA your employer (cue the Darth Vader Theme).

There are two days in the Pay Cycle which every worker looks forward to. That is unless you are on Salary, in which case there is just one day which you look forward to.

The first of these days which we working stiffs look forward to is “Feed The Eagle Day.” That is the day in which we submit our timesheets so as to be processed in a timely manner into our paycheques. This day you can guestimate how much your paycheque will be by your hours and other factors which influence your paycheque.

The second day which we working stiffs look forward to is “Eagle Shi . . . Crap Day.” This is day that as The Eagle flies high above the working stiffs toiling in the trenches below, flaps its tail feathers and . . . takes a poop. It falls down and into the hands of the workers blow and becomes your paycheque.

That is a happy time as you open the envelope up and look at it, you hopefully are happy to see that it is at least a bit more than you had expected. You rush to the bank and deposit the cheque.

Once at home you log into your online banking and just stare misty-eyed at the bank balance, happy to see so much money in your account. You think how much better your life would be if you could just keep all of it. What if you could somehow just give the bills a miss this month? Does the power company really need your little payment? Do the credit card companies actually need more money?

You sigh then start the other half of your payday ritual; the participation in the cycle of capitalism. You pay all of the bills you have to pay and then look at the amount left in your bank account and sigh . . . again. Then your thoughts turn to the next Eagle Crap Day.

As for me, I have just got my paycheque and the boss was generous and I got a bonus. So after my paycheque and the fact that Roommate actually paid me this means that even after all of my bills have been paid that I can actually look for a place, earlier than I had thought.

So I will actually be looking for a place this week and if I see a room I like, I will put some money down on it. If this happens this will not be good for Roommate, because it will mean that all of my stuff (Kitchen Stuff included) will be out of the place by the 25th. I also made sure to cancel the cable and internet on that day so as to further nudge him out the door.

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