Sunday 19 January 2014

The Last Gift, to my Last Landlord

It has been an interesting few days. The bed was delivered and put into storage, as I had planned. I regret that I forgot to take a picture of it (my bad).

On Saturday I got a visit from my Landlord (or at least the person who represents them). We get along fine and on a personal level I like him and he me. He came to take a brief tour of the place and see what would need to be done once I move out.

This place has a few odd quirks, for one they expect you to move out a full 24 hours at least before you can move into your next place. You are supposed to be out of here by noon on the last day of the month. Yet any place you move into will not let you do so until noon on the first. This leaves you 24 hours of homelessness and worse still all of your possessions loaded onto a truck parked in some hotel parking lot. 

That is one thing but the other odd quirk is that I am expected (between the lines of course) to pay for all of the work preparing this place for the next tenant. I am expected to pay for the carpets to be cleaned and because I did the horrific thing of putting up pictures then whole place will need to be painted, then of course there is the professional cleaning crew required to clean this place. At the end of it he gave me the “deal” of “forgetting” my damage deposit in return for all of this.

I would like to say that this place is alone but all of the places I have rented in I have never got my full damage deposit back no matter what I have done. For one reason or another they always find a way to keep it.

The real trouble is that you pay the damage deposit and instead of putting it aside, like they are supposed to, they spend it. So when you move out they don’t have it. Then of course there are the things they need to do to get this place ready for the next tenant. Well this is business and you don’t make money by spending money, you make money by spending someone else’s.

I know they play these games and I hate to be treated like I trashed the place like I was a drunken rock star on tour. I am decent to the place, sure I could clean and vacuum more but I don’t deserve this.

I know that I probably could kick up a fuss and file a claim at small claims court or some such thing, but the truth is that I just don’t care to. This is the last person I will rent a place from. . . . ever.

I know that I am going to rent a room from Landlady, and that is fine, that is different. I don’t plan on putting up any pictures and my stuff will still be in storage. This is a stopgap, a rest-stop on my journey.

The room I will rent will not be home, not really, I am not to get comfortable there, it is . . . an extended hotel room. My next place will be my own home. So with that I am okay giving this last “gift” to my last Landlord. This means that apart from a cursory wipe-down and vacuuming of the carpets, I’m, not doing anything to this place. He can earn my damage deposit . . . and he will.

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