Saturday 1 February 2014

I Made It! The Move Is Complete!

As I sit here and write this entry, I am in my new home and I have officially made it. Despite all of the challenges that I have faced over the past two months, I am not only now in my new little place, but I have also achieved my first financial objective: I have paid off my overdraft.

I have made it out of the month of January, done all that I wanted to do, and am still a few dollars in the positive. Albeit $20.94 to the positive but it doesn’t matter that $20.95 is mine and not borrowed from the bank. I will grow my finances from here and simply not spend anything until I get paid on Friday (I hope).

After the last of the things were loaded into my little room or into storage, I treated myself. I went to the nearest fitness centre and no I did not work out, I parked my butt in a hot tub and soaked for a few hours . . . yep I was a prune when I came out, but I was a more relaxed and happier prune.

Living here is a bit of an adjustment but not unlike the time that I lived in residence at Film School. I lived in my little room and shared the kitchen and bathroom before, I can do so again.  . . . I can do this.

February will be a bit of a slow financial start for me, as I will not pay down any cards nor will I make any radical expenditures. This month will see me grow my minimum balance of my bank account to at least $500.00 once all bills are paid as well as pay off some lingering bills from the old place. I got my power/gas bill just as I was leaving.

It doesn’t matter, I am getting ahead just being here, so it won’t be until March that my first major paydown on my credit cards will begin, but it will begin.

The one thing that I have learned is that there is always some unforeseen expense that will come up. I see now that planning for a 10% Contingency Fund for any such endeavour would be a good idea, just a small amount set aside for these unforeseen expenses, such as “pay per view movies” that the roommate charged or that small thing you need to get, etc.

At any rate, I am here, my home for the next two years, yet not home. This is but a waypoint on my journey to Financial Independence and credit card freedom. With no further ado, here is my little place . . .

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