Wednesday 8 January 2014

First Day of Room Hunting, Off to a Rocky Start

Okay so since I have decided to rent a room I have placed a few parameters, conditions and specifications on what I want.

1) Preferred $500.00, no more than $600.00 per month
2) All utilities included
3) No more than half of the distance for my current commute
4) Furnished preferred, but not required

I have been looking and I had found a place, close to work and even backing on to a river park system. I envisioned myself going for bike rides on the paths by the river in the warmer weather. I even seemed to hit it off with the people I would be renting the room from. 

I had arranged to take a look at the place and meet them last night. I was killing some time in the area that I would be living. After waiting an hour (with more time to go) I got a text from the would be landlords that their roommate would not be moving out until the end of next month. Apparently there had been some miscommunication within their house.

This leaves me with more places to look at and there are a few places within my ranged that are even cheaper than I had expected. This means that I will get something so I will keep looking.

I am feeling frustrated and oddly enough sadness is creeping in. I am not sure exactly where it is coming from or even what I am sad about but it is here nonetheless. I will keep going as I have no choice, I am committed now, I will just work through this; this too shall pass.

I am still tempted to take a look at the trailer at the trailer dealer on Friday, but I know that if I do that I may end up buying one and then oops I am home (with no fixed address). I will reserve that option for if and when Feb 1 comes around and I genuinely have no place to go, then I will consider it.

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  1. Consider that you are making a big life change, and we humans don't generally like change. Uprooting yourself, most of your belongings not in their familiar, comfortable places is discouraging!
    Don't give up though, it will get better.