Thursday 2 January 2014

Trailer Vs Room

Okay, I am a bit more relaxed this morning than yesterday about the heat bill. It would be more specific to say that I have resigned myself to the fact that whatever will happen, will happen. It is only one more month to go and then I will not have to worry about it.

I ran the numbers last night and again this morning about which way would put me financially further ahead: Trailer or Room. They both have their merits:

Renting a room is more sensible and expected, it is indoors and all that. Then again I have to live under someone else’s room and their rules feeling like I am sneaking in and out of the house every time. 

As well you feel like you are always a guest in their home, which in fact you are. You are always mindful of your noise level and your all around impact on someone else’s home.

I am drawn to buying the trailer as it will be my little place, I could say that I own my home but just not the land underneath it. Wherever I go I will be home; that is appealing to me.

I also like the fact of not having to always keep the noise down or feel like I am a constant guest. In time I could buy some land and park the trailer on it as I slowly develop that land . . . who knows, that is an option.

After running the numbers though and taking into account the cost of heating the trailer 24/7 in winter to prevent the pipes from freezing, it is clear that renting the room is better financially. 

If I could find a place to park the trailer and plug in a space heater to keep the trailer warm when I am away that would be something. In warmer months I don’t need to worry about this as all I care about is pipes freezing.

I will check out the trailer place and ask a bunch of questions on the tenth, as it will be the first time that I will have an option to visit them when they are open. For now though, the room is winning.

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