Friday 10 January 2014

I Might Have a Place

Okay, Day two of my House Hunting turned out much like the first. A potential Landlord told me they would call me that night (Wednesday) and arranged a time to see the room . . . that never happened.

I was frustrated but I got up the next morning and looked through ad, vetting them against my list of criteria. I only wanted to consider places that I actually wanted to live in and would serve my purpose.

On day three of my House Hunting I made contact with another potential Landlord. When she told me that she would email me the address so I could come over, I thought “here we go again.”  In about an hour or so, sure enough she had emailed me her address and appointment was set for that evening (Thursday, AKA Last Night).

I had a few hours to kill so I decided to go to the local mall and brows some shops, as well I needed a haircut and a beard trim.

I had let my beard grow and with the combination of the hat, I ended up looking like a Hutterite/Mennonite/Amish . . . take your pick. (No, I have no pictures to show you)

(Not that there is anything wrong with those fine folks but, I never want to be taken for something which I am not).

The stylist was quite skilled and did more than simply put the #4 guard on her trimmer and mow my head . . . she actually styled it. (Okay, you can see what I look like after the haircut)

With Hat

Without Hat

I went over to the place that I was to look at and despite my efforts to go slow I was still ten minutes early, but thankfully the (Potential) Landlady was not offended but impressed.

I looked at the room and had a nice chat with P.L. and I we got along well. Her rules were common sense and stuff that I would do anyways. In essence they boiled down to “be considerate of the other people in the house.”

I liked the fact that the room was furnished with even a TV, desk and fridge in the room.  I had noticed small details here and there, such as a small fridge and pantry shelves in the room. Such little details which show that: time, effort, and thought had been put into renting rooms out in her home.

Once the talk was over she decided that she needed to sleep on it and would contact me either today or Saturday. I wait for word but even if I don’t get this place, I will be okay. Something will turn up.

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