Friday, 6 October 2017

Payday Update

This is the last payday before the payday that I will pay off the Wanda Loan. This means that what I do with this payday will directly affect whether or not that will happen.

This payday turned out to be marginally better than I had expected. I stress marginally, as in a smidgen better, nowhere near budgetary minimum, let alone WOO HOO territory!

I still have to hedge my bets so to speak against how bad my next paycheque will be. I can’t just fund everything and stroll merry along. 

What if the paycheque turns out to be worse than I thought? What then? Well, as a last ditch effort I will do the unthinkable before the unconscionable. 

I will take a cash advance on my credit card (the unthinkable) before pushing paying off the Wanda Loan one payday (the unconscionable).  

So, I have funded my groceries wallet with what I need to exist (including what is left in the wallet). I have been draining the wallet recently, instead of funding it back to its budget (as in: what should be in there). 

This is a tactic that I use in such cases, one measure to stretch my dollar and still live. 

I put less back into the wallet then I spent out of it, thereby saving a bit of cash. You can only do this for so long, however. Remember kids, indefinite deficit spending only works if you’re a government and we’re not.

My one treat meal a week will go on the credit card, and I won’t buy gas this payday.

I have more than enough gas to make it through, so I won’t even put the gas on the credit card. That I may do next payday, if needed; (I stress if needed).

All of this will be made right on the payday of the 7th of November when I pay the credit card off in full. After which I shall begin my Rebuilding Phase. 

So, all in all, I’m still on track to pay off the Wanda Loan come next payday!

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!


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