Thursday 3 September 2020

The Day Before The Dash-Off

So, this is the second weekend in a row where I will be heading out into nature to go camping. I will even bring my Darling Dearest with me . . . this time to my Mountain Home . . . Banff.

Today is the day before I head out, so there is always the contemplation to do my running around a day early as in tonight, so I can be ready to just book it tomorrow after work.

Since it is a long weekend, it would be advisable to leave as early as possible  . . . as in *cough* . . . *cough* not feeling well for tomorrow *cough* . . . *cough* . . . sorry Boss. 

(It is mathematically and technically possible for me to actually call in sick . . . sometime . . . when and if i am actually sick . . . possible but not likely.)

Yet, having said that, leaving in the early afternoon as in “Wheels Rolling” by 1:15 at the latest is also a good thing.

This way, if I do my shopping tonight, I can take my time to leisurely do what I need to do and not rush around madly tomorrow in an effort to get things done ASAFP!

The main thing is to get to the campsite as soon as possible, so as to enjoy the weekend with my gal in my favorite place . . . Banff.

(So I most likely will be running around tonight).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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