Monday 14 September 2020

Changing Seasons And Surviving The Cold

Apologies, everyone - I had some technical issues which delayed this post, which is about camping on the Labour Day Weekend!

As Geoff mentioned in one of his previous posts, we went camping this past long weekend, in Banff. 

While it was definitely a wonderful, relaxing weekend away, it also had a purpose - to introduce me to life in a trailer.

Now, I'm no fragile flower who thinks camping is spending a weekend at the Hilton! I've done my fair share of camping in the past! Even last summer, I was camping in a tent with friends in Idaho.

I do have concerns, though, with managing life in a trailer full-time, year-round. The main issues have to do with access to both water and heat. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my time this long weekend! 

Friday, we managed to be on our way by around 1:30 pm, and made very good time to Banff. I am starting to learn the routine of setting up camp, and I think Geoff and I made a pretty good team.

We were able to enjoy the rest of the day, and he even showed me his favourite spot for winter camping. The view was amazing!

We also discovered an "ancient artifact"!

Saturday, we played tourist, and walked around the town of Banff, itself. I had been there several times before, with friends, but it was great to see it from another perspective. The weather was sunny and hot at 27 degrees!

Unfortunately, summer came to an end Saturday night. Sunday was quite a bit cooler, though. We even had to turn on the electric heater overnight, and keep it on low throughout the day. We were still able to enjoy sunshine, and a walking tour throughout the campground. 

Monday was another story. With high winds and rain during the night, Monday was quite a bit cooler than the previous days. Monday morning even had the appearance of a bit of snow - although it never stayed long enough to accumulate.

Monday's weather wasn't bad enough to keep us indoors if we were determined to do something, but was enough to make it nice and cozy to stay inside with the heater on. 

The trailer was even warm enough that I felt comfortable in taking a shower, without fear of freezing to death! lol 

We did use a fair amount of water that weekend, but, with Geoff's ingenuity, an extra-long water hose, and a nearby tap, he made sure that we stayed topped-off!

All in all, while the weather did provide some challenges, we still had a great time, and I did feel very comfortable. Comfortable enough that I agreed to the ultimate challenge: Winter-time camping in the week between Christmas and New Year's! 😲😱⛄

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