Thursday 13 August 2020

Receipts, Budgets And Taming The Chaos!

Well, it looks like it's my turn to get my finances organized!  I know I have many talents, organizing my finances is not one of them! Thank goodness for Geoff! (Thank you, Honey! 💖)

Step One: organizing my receipts. 

Fortunately, I had lots of trays on hand to help organize things. It did make it a lot easier! I still have a few receipts left to organize before I can close out the months. We won't say how far back it goes...  

Step Two: Figuring out an actual budget. 

I've just started a new job, so, some items are unknown, as of yet, like the Gas Expense. I'm working in two locations at opposite ends of the city (I live in the middle), so, I'm definitely filling my tank a lot more often than before!

Part of this step is doing my own variation on Geoff's Wallets. I'm not going to copy what he's done, exactly, as I don't think it would work that well for me. I tend to use my debit card a lot more, especially with Covid-19. I also like the pretty, sparkly colours! lol

I do know my pit-falls, though, and I will use a wallet for those. One wallet is Treats. I am prone to low blood sugar, and, while I do bring food to work, it is oh-so-easy to buy pop or a chocolate bar, or even lunch...  

I also have a Contingency Wallet. This is for use when there's more month at the end of the money, to keep me from robbing from Peter to pay Paul. It still has to be paid back, but, it can help with cash-flow issues.

The third wallet is for car expenses (I am way over-due for an oil change!). This does not include gas, as I think I will simply get a gas card for that, nor does it include my payments or insurance. This is for maintenance only. 

Finally, I have an actual coin purse. Think of the whole "Give a penny, take a penny" concept, but for use between wallets.

By using these wallets, I can keep a handle on areas where I tend to over-spend without realizing it, and I can also ensure that I have money available to spend on areas I tend to neglect. 

This, of course, is also proof that Geoff's methods can work for anyone (with some minor tweaks). If it can work for me, it can work for you! 

I need to do this, though, not only for my own benefit, but, if we are going to reach our goals, then both of us need to be pulling on an oar.

As always, come join us in reaching for the future, and getting off of the hamster wheel!


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