Wednesday 5 August 2020

Books Arrived

It was fortunate that most of the books that I ordered in this latest bulk-buy have arrived, they did so by Friday.

So, one of the things that Kim and I did was to go through the books and check off which ones actually arrived and which ones didn’t.

Part of the reason why the books arrived so quickly was because I signed up for free, priority shipping from the place that I buy most of my books from.

It costs me less per month to have that service than the shipping would cost me, so it’s worth it.

I did this also because with me just saying “send it the cheapest” option has left me with a couple of books taking way too long to get to me, and one going missing.

This way, I am fairly assured that someone will take care in getting my books to me, rather than drop it in the mail and forget about it.

So, while I don’t need to have my books in a day or two, at least if I have them in a day or two, I know that I have them.

I will wait for a few paydays before ordering more books. You see, as a result of this bulk-by it has forced me to pause my savings plan for one payday.

The idea was (as it always is) to put off paying the books off for one payday in order to fully-fund the Mid-Term Account this payday.

Yet, doing that would violate my Fiscal Directives, specifically the directive to pay off debt before building savings.

So, I will put off fully-funding my Mid-Term Account again until next payday (Aug 22nd) and finally restart building my TFSA Account on Sept 7.

As we looked the books over I even noticed the odd raised eyebrow from Kim and a “that’s a good book.” Yet I did get a shaking of the finger and a “tut-tut” about the bulk buying of the books.

I consider buying the books, building the Archives (now at 155 books) as a form of savings. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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