Tuesday 11 August 2020

Bulk Books Buy Bites Back

So, as you know, I bought a bulk buy of books a couple of weeks ago. Fine, I had also budgeted to pay that all off as of the last payday.

I had budgeted all of that into my budget but when it came time to pay the credit card bill, it was less than I had expected.

I shrugged, delighted in my good fortune and paid what was asked of me, paying the credit card off in full.

This left me with a couple of hundred bucks extra in my budget which I put into my Mid-Term Account, thereby bumping up my saving target amount to 45.6.   

I had also decided to fully-fund the Mid-Term Account again, finally getting it back up to its expected level as of this next payday (Aug 22nd) . . . come Hell or high water . . .or both.

Well, fast forward to this weekend where I decided to buy the bookcases so as to display and house The Archives.

So, that added a bit to the credit card, but still possible to fund the Mid-Term Account and pay the credit card off by this payday . . . still doable.

Then this morning another ding came to the credit card. This time it was in the form of a book that took this long to finally be ready to ship.

The reason that the credit card was lower than I had expected for this previous payday was the fact that the book (that shipped today) had not been billed to my credit card until today (when it shipped).

So, to deal with this fiscal hit I can: 

1. Take some extra cash from my vacation fund at work.

2. Not restore the Mid-Term Account to its expected level.

3. Run a Deficit Budget (Dipping into my Personal Overdraft)

4. *Ghasp!* Run a balance on my credit card for *Ghasp!* three whole weeks until the payday of the 7th.

I am going to try for number 4, but may end up doing number 3, number two is right out of the question, but number 1 is possible.

One way or another I will pay for all of this and get it done. A few weeks of running a balance won’t kill me and the interest will be negligible, if anything at all.

I just don’t like paying interest, or running a credit card balance if I can help it. 

I do like buying the books though, as that is another form of savings, a savings in the form of knowledge.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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