Thursday 27 August 2020

Harvesting Water Before The Campout

So, it seems to be a growing tradition to have as much water with me before heading to a campground that is expected to have water available.

Call it crazy, or just unnecessary preparedness, but I like to make sure that I have all eight of my 2-litre bottles filled with water and my two 6 gallon jugs of water also filled.

Not only that, but I like to make sure that I have my main water tank in Wanda as close to full as possible. 

I know that any campground must have running water available, even the no electricity campground that I am going to this weekend (yes, with Kim).

I just like to be prepared for any eventuality, not for me, or the thought that I can’t handle any unforeseen difficulties, but because of Kim.

Now, before anyone (especially my Darling Dearest) freaks out and shouts that Kim is fine and capable of dealing with a water shortage, let me explain. 

It is not because I doubt her toughness or ability to handle difficulties like a water shortage for a weekend, it is because I don’t want her to have to.

I want to do my part to ensure that her life with me is as smooth as I can make it. That is who I am.

So, I will pack water as I drag a 6 gallon jug of water back to my trailer twice in the same morning the day before the last day of work just to make sure I have the water on hand.

Food is well taken care of and the propane tanks are full, and the solar panels are working perfectly. All will be well, at least as far as the things that I can control.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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