Wednesday 20 November 2019

Yesterday Was a Snow Day

. . . For My Solar Panels.

So, it snowed for 24 hours yesterday, so pretty much it snowed for all of yesterday, as in from midnight to midnight (I guess).

If this happened while I was around the trailer I could be up there brushing the snow off every half an hour to forty-five minutes. 

Since I was at work I could do no such thing . . . all I could do was watch the snow pile up. 

Even going back at lunch to brush the snow off wouldn’t help (much) because at best I would get forty-five minutes of energy generation.

So, I waited until after work to see how things were. This was what I found on the roof of my trailer.

I brushed the snow off the roof and was pleased to find that the batteries were still at around 70% when I got home. I was still very conservative with my power usage that night.

This was because I don’t want to drain the batteries too low, and come morning they were still around 70%.

I brushed the snow off of the roof again this morning before heading to work, confident in the fact that I should have a full charge in the batteries within two to three hours of daylight. 

This is why I have the larger batteries . . . all because of a snow day . . . for my solar panels.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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