Wednesday 30 October 2019

You Deserve Success

One of the things that holds us back from pursuing our dreams is the fact that, deep down, we don’t feel like we deserve it . . . success it is (whatever you define success as).

This is as a result of a number of factors, most of which are . . . shall we say . . .  from outside sources that we have internalized and taken to heart (not that we wanted to or should, but we have).

This is a problem as this will prompt you to sabotage your path to success when you see that you are gaining too much success.

This is usually when you are starting to move outside of your comfort zone, as in outside of the area that you have said is okay for you to be in . . .  to live in.

We have a certain image of our life, a certain lifestyle and a certain level of wealth. If we stray outside of that, we will work to get back inside of that bubble.

This is fine and good if you lose wealth or your lifestyle lowers below what you are accustomed to, but it also works when you rise higher than that bubble.

If your success takes you out of that bubble, as in higher than that bubble (as in a better lifestyle, more wealth, etc) than you will work to get back down into that bubble.

The way to fix this is to simply move that bubble, get yourself used to the concept that the success, the place that you want to take yourself, is where your bubble is.

Success is defined by each of us in different ways, that’s fine, go chase your success and obtain it, really, you deserve it.

My point is to watch out for the little ways that you, that each of us, will sabotage your success, just as you are starting to make some traction on your path to success.

Once you recognize what is going on and why, you can find ways to combat it. Don’t let your fear of the new and the unknown derail your path to success.

One way I have found is to envision your success and to keep yourself focussed on being that success. 

Be a success, you deserve it.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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