Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Closing In On Two Years Debt Free

As the time ticks down to October 22nd, my thoughts turn to the annual anniversary of me becoming Totally Debt Free.

I look back and say “what have I accomplished in the past two years?” Have I really moved forward, or have I not?” 

I will say this, as I look back on the previous years’ Budgets, I see that I am better off financially than I was two years ago.

For one, when I paid off Wanda (My last and largest loan) I had $32.10 to my name. I obliterated my finances just to make that happen.

Yet, as I look at the budgets for that year, that eventful year of 2017, I barely had the Personal Overdraft, and even that was iffy. 

If I was lucky I had $1000.00 in each account. I built up my TFSA, but only just until I had enough to pay off the Wanda Loan.

After that, after that bill was paid off, I was broke, but I was at least free. 

Since then, I have built up and maintained my Mid-Term Savings to the $10k that I like to see it at. I have maintained (for the most part) my Personal Overdraft.

I have also built up my TFSA and branched out into other investments. And yes, I have made a few improvements in Wanda and bought a small toy or two.

In short, since becoming Totally Debt Free, I have stayed Totally Debt Free, and that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

I have also built up my savings and managed my finances, in a non-hideous manner. It is a steady learning process and I am always learning and improving.

The point is, that while I don’t feel that I have really gotten anywhere in the past two years, I have. 

It is important to look back and see, notice and yes, celebrate your accomplishment. If for no other reason than to verify that you are in fact moving forward. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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