Friday 18 October 2019

Establishing Milestone Goals Helps

So, I have talked about the two types of goals that I have: Crossroads Goals, and Milestone Goals. 

Crossroads Goals are the large, life changing goals, such as me building up my savings until I have enough to go establish my Homestead.

The smaller goals along the way are there to mark your progress towards that Crossroads Goal, those mile marker goals are your Milestone Goals.

Laying them out is an important way to help establish a realistic path and timeline that you will achieve your Crossroads Goal, when you plan to.

For me it is looking at what my savings accounts could be at the end of each future year and set savings targets accordingly (my end of year Milestone Goals). 

This is important in a few ways, because it not only helps me see that my Crossroads Goal is in fact achievable, but shows me how I can achieve it.

Also, by looking at my budgets in advance, it helps me to visualize those future budgets as already achieved. 

That visualization of future events, not psychically visioning it but seeing it and believing that those things will come to pass is another key to successful goal setting.

By training myself to believe that those budgets will become real, (that I will have that much cash I my various accounts at that point in time) it helps me work towards it.

You have to have confidence in yourself in order to achieve your goals, envisioning future goals is not only a way to encourage you, but also to help you commit.

I have great things set out for the next five years (groan), but I am encouraged to see what each of those years can possibly bring me.

What I have to do now is to keep working the system that I have established in order to make those Milestone Goals come true.

As we all know, dreams don’t make themselves come true, you have to not only make a plan to achieve those dreams, you have to actually work that plan.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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