Thursday 24 October 2019

Elections and Budgets

So, another election is over and another governmental budget is about to come down in the province where I live. 

The one thing I do know is that there will be nothing in it for me, other than a bill of some kind. 

I am always overlooked with these things as politicians seem to focus on everyone else, you know “families” and all that.

It is life, and just something that I have come to accept. Yet, I do believe in helping others out and providing a hand up to those in need around me.

I am currently in a stage of my life where I can provide little assistance to anyone, as all of my spare cash goes into savings.

The thought of getting assistance from the government in any way is odd. I don’t ask because I know that it is not coming . . . for one reason or another I don’t qualify.

When it comes to tax time I just look down the list and check: no, no, no, no, no, and no when it comes to this tax break or that tax incentive.

I did vote and the only upside I can see with this election result is that it will force these bunch of whiny brats known as politicians to work together and compromise in order to get anything done.

Yet, as they do that, I will not be looking for them to do anything for me . . . other than hand me a bill and the only help they will give me is to help me find my wallet (so as to pay that bill).

I will still persevere and still carry on and succeed despite all of that. It is just what I do. It is just frustrating that the best way I can do that is being an Urban Nomad.

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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