Friday 25 October 2019

Savings Plans O Plenty

So, with me now reconsidering my current savings plan, I am considering what to do from next year onwards.

This has left me considering many options, and simply to be able to do so is a privledge that a lot of people don’t

Again, I don’t say this, or admit my deliberations to brag but rather to keep doing what I always do: state what I am going through at this current stage of my journey.

I am trying to figure out a balanced approach to savings and in fact wealth building. What this means that I have been considering various options in the recent days.

Therein lies the problem: so many different approaches. 

All of them could work yet all end up with a different mix of investments at the end. Even the end date keeps moving around.

I have considered and modelled a handful of different possible ways to save money in different savings vehicles. 

Some are modest and predictable; others are a bit more risky, with the rest somewhere in between.

The point is that I am still considering my options and I am trying to do my homework and make my best guess as to how each of these options would/could go in advance.

I will come to some decision by the payday of January 7, I have to.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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  1. Here's a suggestion, invest in yourself. Spend some on launching your own business so you are not at the mercy of your boss.