Wednesday 7 August 2019

Reject The Shame Of Debt . . . Just Deal With It

There is a stigma around being buried in debt, and to a degree that is healthy, as being in debt, buried in it is not a good thing.

Yet, there are a thousand reasons as to why we rack up debt and not all of it is reckless spending or impulsive buying.

There are times when you have no choice but to put regular bills on the credit card, knowing that you will have to carry that balance.

We have all bought gas on the credit card just to get to and from work. Of course we have bought food on that card. 

My point is that there are all kinds of understandable reasons as to why we get ourselves into debt that have nothing to do with poor fiscal management. 

It has to do with poverty and the cost of living outpacing the increases in wages. There are stupid spending, impulsive buying and poor fiscal management issues in there as well. 

The one thing this journey has taught me is that no matter what your situation (job, income, etc) you can get yourself out of debt.

So do that . . . deal with your debt. 

Don’t give up and mire in debt, believing that nothing will ever improve, so why bother. It can get better and you will be the one to make things better.

It all comes down to cash flow and mastering your cash flow. (As in what income you have coming in and where you spend it. IE: how your cash flows.)

You can either increase your Income or decrease your Expenses. 

There are a thousand ways to do this, but to really make a difference in your fiscal situation you need to do something drastic (that is: legal, ethical, and moral)

If you can’t just magically get a better job or another part time job, then perhaps get a bunch of roommates to drastically reduce the living expenses for all of you.

Living in an RV is another example, but the point is that if you are in debt, that you can do something about it, but more importantly if you don’t do something about it, it will never get better.

I will leave you on that note.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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