Thursday 22 August 2019

Plan For The Mid-Term

It is one thing to have a goal, an airy-fairy dream that you want to have. It is another to say that you’re going to take daily action towards that dream.

Yet, a key factor to success is to keep planning the near future. Always look 3 to 6 months out and map out the steps and places that you want to be at that time.

What smaller goals will you have wanted to accomplish by that point? How are you going to get there? 

What steps do you need to take to make sure that those smaller goals are met? Most importantly, will accomplishing those smaller goals move you closer to your larger goal?

Since my goals (at this point) are financial in nature, I look at the budgets for three payperiods at the same time:

1. The payperiod I am currently in
2. The next payperiod
3. The payperiod after the next one

I like to keep an eye to the future and see what troubles are coming down the pipe, so to speak.

I focus on the payperiod that I am currently in, as that is the only one that really and truly matters, as this is one reflects what I am doing with my finances right now.

I focus on the one after my current payperiod because that one is my next paycheque, and I always have an idea as to what it will look like. 

This estimation changes each workday, as my estimation on what that paycheque is going to be changes daily (daily sales affects my paycheque).

So, as more or less income is projected or expenses are projected, this will affect and impact that payperiod’s budget.

I focus on the one after that to take a first cursory look at how it may or may not shape up to be. I take into account any estimate expenses and income and adjust it accordingly.

I look at these budgets daily, including the ones yet to be, in order to help make them real to me, as in convince myself that this is going to come to pass.

It is by standing on the top of one payperiod budget and climbing up onto the top of the next one that I continually improve my financial standing.

I also do these budgets for years in advance, knowing that they will be changed before I come upon them.

I do this so that I can see, I can glimpse at a possible future of what I can have, in a year or two, if I continue to be fiscally responsible in the here and now.

So remember: Dream for the future, plan for the Mid-Term, yet work on the Now.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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