Thursday 15 August 2019

I’ve Been Told Not To Bother, Many Times

The first incident that I can remember was when I was the sixth grade and a teacher told me that I would never do anything technical because I didn’t have the fine motor skills.

I remember feeling sad and that there was something wrong with me because of this. The teacher was referencing my bad handwriting as to proof of my “lack of fine motor skills”. 

I still have bad handwriting, so I type whatever I can. It took years for me to realize that I have bad handwriting because my hand can’t keep up with my brain. 

My mind wants to get the information down much faster than my hand can write, thus it is scribbled. When I type, it forces my brain to slow down to the speed of the typing.

I’ve also been an office equipment and computer technician for years, so yeah, I do have the fine motor skills.

My point is that I have been told that what I was trying to do was impossible or so hard that I might as well not bother.

I have also found that it is much easer to do the impossible, when you don’t know that what you are trying to do is impossible. 

(This is because you will just find a way to make it work, a way that nobody had ever thought of before.)

Dreams are not easy to accomplish, they are hard. This is because they are hard to achieve, and something that we don’t have. 

It is because it is hard that the taste of victory of actually achieving your dream is that much sweeter. 

People told me that nobody pays off credit card debt. Nobody is debt free, you are supposed to be in debt, that’s just the way that it is. 

(I’ve become totally debt free, and remain so.)

I was also told that you can’t live in an RV and certainly not in winter . . . not on the Canadian Prairies. 

(I’ve done so for five years and counting.)

I’ve also been told that I can’t start a town/homestead.

I don’t know about that one, because I haven’t done it yet . .  . yet being the operative word.

I know that there are a thousand things that I don’t know and even more skills that I don’t have. All of which are necessary to success in this endeavour. 

I also know that we grow and develop on our way, through the journey, towards our dreams. 

It is the journey itself which is more important and more valuable than the destination, when it comes to dreams. 

I will keep doing what I always do. Dream for the Future, Plan for the Mid-Term (3-6 months), but Work on the Now (Today, this week).

Everything else, all that stuff I need to know in order to make my dream a reality, I will learn on the way, when I need to know it.

This is because there is one final thing that is key to achieving any dream, and that is  . . . 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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