Wednesday 14 August 2019

Everybody Wants To Be Generous (With My Money)

Everybody seeks to have ideas for me to improve my life . . . better living through spending as it were.

I know that I live a simple and very frugal existence, perhaps a bit on the extremely frugal end of the scale.

After all I just recently decided that I would only fill up on the payday of the 7th of each month. (This last payday my fuel bill was approximately $40.00).

People tell me to run out there and live a little, go out and do stuff . . . again, I perhaps could and should, but I won’t.

I know that life is not guaranteed and I may drop dead for any of a thousand reasons. (If that happens my last words will be, “Seriously? Like this?”

Rest assured, I am not planning on living the rest of my life this way, (otherwise I would buy and convert an old school bus or a cube van.)

I am doing this for my future, short term pain, for long term gain. I want that house, I want that land, I want a wife/family (of some sort) and all that. 

I just refuse to go into debt to get that.

I can live better in a few years, if I just keep doing what I’m doing now, for a few years more. 

I’ve endured a great deal just to pay the banks back, I can and will endure more so I can get ahead. 

I am the only one who will help me get ahead. I’ve long since learned that lesson the hard way. Many people will help me spend money, very few will help me make or save it.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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