Friday 16 August 2019

Geoffie’s Rules For The Urban Nomad

Okay, so I read a story yesterday about some Urban Nomaders in B.C. Now, to be fair, I haven’t seen or talked to talked to or seen them. 

Just to be clear, an “Urban Nomad” is the term I use for people living in RV’s full-time in a city or other urban setting. This is because you are nomadic in an urban setting.

Anyways, the article stated that they were annoying local residents (as in those living in houses and/or apartments) by how they were living. 

So, I thought that I would offer my two cents in on this as I put forth a few rules I live by when it comes to being an Urban Nomad, that others might consider.

1) Unless You Own The Land That You Are Parked On, You Are A Guest, So Act Like One.

This one affects everything you do and is the core of my philosophy of how to be a considerate Urban Nomad.

If you are in a parking lot, then park far from the building. Park where the regular shoppers don’t want to park. Don’t make noise or otherwise draw attention to yourself. Lastly, for the love of all things holy, keep your area clean and tidy!

2) Park Away From People

If you are parked on a street, pick a street where you won’t bother anyone. This is why I prefer light industrial areas, as residential areas make people (in houses) nervous.

3) Be Ready To Move

Since you are mobile, and you are a guest wherever you go, you can be shooed away from your current parking spot. 

This is the way of things, and is the nature of this lifestyle. 

That means that when you have to move, be able to move right away, as in within a few minutes, half an hour max! 

4) Keep A Clean and Tidy Area

One of the stigmas about living in an RV is that you are a bum. It does not help shed this image when there is a bunch of junk around the outside of your RV unit.

I have a tonneau cover over the back of my pickup truck (which is my tow vehicle) in order to keep things in the back of it covered. 

I also will pick up garbage that blows in to around my truck and trailer. I do this to be a good neighbour and because that wherever I park is my house and my home.

5) Move Regularly

I move on a regular basis, perhaps not as much as I should. 

The people in the area I spend the most amount of time in know me, or at least know my truck and trailer and don’t hate me. (At least they haven’t yelled at me or egged my trailer).

I move twice a week, once on Friday Afternoon moving from Eastern Home (where I work) to Western Home, where I shop and can spread out. 

I then move back to Eastern Home on Sunday Evening, to get ready for the workweek ahead.

I do this to be seen to move around (which people like to see) but also to free up the spaces that I park in so that others can use them.

Wherever I park belongs to someone else (even on the street, as the street belongs to the city and therefore everyone and no one).


Above all, be considerate, be a good neighbour and be a good guest. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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