Thursday 6 June 2019

The Sixth of June

It is the sixth of June, which means that it is the anniversary of D-Day, and while that is an important day, let me just say that it is something that should not be repeated as it was not cool.

Don’t get me wrong it, was something that had to happen and I’m glad of the results, but that that much death and slaughter is not something to be repeated, if at all possible.

That is a point that we seem to have lost our disgust for war. As these days, in “The West” war is something that happens elsewhere. (Though the Ukrainians would beg do differ.)

I didn’t want to do a blog entry on this subject, but I seem to need to. I’m okay in my little part of the world and I just cling to an increasingly outdated motto of “Live and let live.”

Yet others would beg to differ, in particular the empire builders, and there are a few of them in the world and yes they have power . . . this is not a good thing for all  of the little people.

For when the elephants fight, the mice get stepped on. 

Loretta Swit (who played Margaret Houlihan in MASH) once said that MASH was a protest against all war and that all war is stupid . . . I tend to agree with her.

Though, sometimes when war is brought to you, you must either capitulate or fight to defend what is yours. Whilst I do not welcome war, I will fight to defend what is mine. 

Yet I would prefer to live and let live, to find a way for all peoples to co-exist with dignity. 

My own saying is this: “If you come to me in peace, seeking assistance, you shall find that, if you come to me in aggression, seeking trouble, you shall find that too.” 

As always: Keep your head up (unless in combat), keep your attitude positive (especially in combat), and keep moving forward (unless the enemy is currently shelling your position)!

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  1. Had a grandfather who made it back from there. While I don't think he would have had much time for Loretta Swit, I believe he would have echoed your sentiments pretty closely.