Monday, 17 June 2019

Keep Moving Forward!

It is one thing to have a Dream, another nice thing to have a Goal, what matters is what you DO in order to make Dream/Goal a reality.

We all have wonderful things that we would like to happen in our lives. “I want to own a house,” is one. That is a Dream.

People then can make Goals. “I want to own a house before I am 25.” Is a Goal. For a Goal is a Dream with a deadline. 

What matters is the Plan that you make in order to make that Goal a reality. Then, you have to actually Work towards that goal.

Let’s take our example of a starry-eyed Twenty year old who wants to buy a house before they are twenty-five.

Well, they need to figure out:

1. What they will need to make that Goal a reality (what cash needed, other regulations, etc.)
2. How they will meet or beat those Obstacles (cash needed, other regulations met etc)
3. How they will measure their progress to overcoming those Obstacles on their way to meeting their Goal.

So, while it may be unrealistic to want to own a house in five years, I would never discourage anyone from setting or pursuing any Goal.

For while this person will likely not make the goal of owning a home in five years (or they may), they will likely make it in less than ten.

After all, isn’t the Goal of owning a home the real Goal after all?

I for one have had to push back my Goal deadline dates many times. While it is frustrating and you feel like you have failed, I just tell myself that the Date was unrealistic.

The one thing you must always do, when pursuing Dreams and Goals is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

If you remember nothing else from this blog entry, that would be it. 

No matter what you are doing or what Goals and Dreams you are chasing, always find a way to make some progress towards your Goals and Dreams each and every day.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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