Friday 28 June 2019

No Need For a Campsite

So, one of the advantages to having solar power is that the main draw for me to go to a campground was to have unlimited electricity all weekend.

The views are nice and the peace and quiet is also a welcome sight, but the main draw was always the electricity.

In the dead of winter, I can and will go to a campground, but that is because I can use my electric heater to warm up Wanda. 

I will see how warm I can get Wanda with my furnace, but that will take propane. Yet, I know that burning propane is cheaper than a run to the campground.

So, we shall see how things shape up this winter, all hinging on how effective my solar charging system is in winter.

The point is that I will be staying in town this long weekend, and in so doing, saving cash.

I will enjoy the downtime and rest and relax, but I will do so without burning extra fuel, and paying to stay somewhere.

After all, this phase of my life is all about saving as much cash as I can. While at the same time trying to enjoy life along the way.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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