Tuesday 11 June 2019

Happy Birthday To Me!

So, here it is, another birthday and I am officially forty-nine . . . yep, next year is the big one and I have no idea how I will be . . . marking that day.

This year I am looking back on a year of My Grand Savings Project and I will say that overall it has been a good thing, and a good year.

I am still building my savings and in reality I am under 4 years to go, as I still plan to be done and ready to move on the Homesteading Phase in early April of 2023.

I will say with my savings building up, my stress is ever lowered, and lowered stress is always a nice thing.

A year ago I was kinda drifting, not really sure what I was doing, what direction I was heading in. I was working to do some savings and enact some improvements in my life (such as trailer repairs and upgrades).

I am now focussed on building my savings and by doing so, breaking the cycle of work and debt for not just myself but many people, again, through the establishment of that town. (I really am not kidding about that).

I am now at a place where I am trying to maintain my attitude and mindset of being okay with what I have and where I am in life, yet not be stagnant and accept that this is as good as it is ever going to get. 

I do want more out of life and I do want a better lifestyle but I have to be okay with what I have and how I am living now, as I actually work to improve my life.

Thus the “be okay with how things are as I build my savings to a point where I can actually improve my life in a large and real way” attitude.

As far as love and romance is concerned, I have said it before, and I will say it again, I welcome them (and a lady of course) into my life, but I will not stop doing what I am doing, for it is too important to do deviate from my path.

Things will come in time, but for now, I am okay with my life and how things are in it, as I strive to improve it, or . . . as I say . . . 

I am Content, yet not Complacent.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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