Wednesday 13 February 2019

Should I Stay Or Should I Go (That Old Refrain)

I am at a crossroads as to whether or not to head to a campground for the long weekend (this weekend). It is more complicated than just my uber-frugal ways.

I am now pushing to get to 20% of my savings target by the payday after next (as in on March 7). 

It is a psychological barrier to me as it means not only finishing a line, but also having two years of living expenses in my Long-Term Savings alone.

I also muse that I could, if pressed, go find a patch of land or a small place somewhere (very . . . modest . . . shall we say) for that fistful of cash. 

I am pushing to get to 40% and that will mean that I would have enough in hand to buy either the land that I want, or a not so bad acreage . . . with cash.

The trouble is that it is already a tight budget(s) to get to 20% by next payday. 

Yet to add the expense of going to the campground to plug in, ontop of the battery replacement that would make it all that much harder.

I have tried to convince myself that it would be a good way to defrost the trailer (and me) as things swing back to “manageable winter.”

As in, perhaps I could reconnect my batteries and use my furnace . . . (crazy talk, I know).

Yet, while that would be nice, I will hold true to the larger goals of 20% and 40% beyond (by year’s end).

I will go to the campground, perhaps in March, or most certainly over Easter, in April. I just know that I want to get some traction on this savings goal.

Each milestone goal that I meet and beat, is one that puts me in a slightly better position if things to sideways. 

Things are still iffy at work and Boss is still hemming and hawing about keeping the company going or not. He could go either way, but it is more about red-tape administration than lack of sales.

All I know is that this is the dead of winter, and I am in my groove as to how to deal with it and how to handle it. 

All I have to do is keep doing what I am doing for a little while longer and the warm(er) weather will return. 

Shorts and window open weather is not far off beyond that; I am holding to that. I will keep myself busy and moving this weekend as I stay warm . . . and move further towards my goals.

As always: Keep your head up, keep your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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  1. You have other options. Costco has really cheap propane. You could have multiple revenue streams to fast track your savings plan (like rv and vehicle detailing, delivery services, moving services, snow removal, landscaping, painting, construction cleaning, hauling) all with your pickup truck while your rig is in storage while you work during the day so it's not a cost of about $30/mo). Solar panels can charge a battery bank as well as a small wind turbine so you can run heat. Even on the land you choose to buy, you can sub lease, farm, run multiple businesses on it. The ymca for showers or a gym 3 day free trial.

    I think the campground issue is psychological. You only live once, so to consider multiple revenue streams to make up for your occasional indulgence will help you keep from burning out and enjoy your life.

    Just food for thought.