Tuesday 5 February 2019

Back In The Coldness Groove

Let me be clear, I can handle the cold, but I don’t like it. 

I do not frolic or play in the snow, nor do I consider living in my RV Trailer in the dead of winter without a furnace a test of manhood. 

It’s more of a promise to myself and being fiscally practical . . . I promised myself that I would move out of my trailer and into MY house that I own, on My land!

The way to get there is to be a fiscally prudent as possible, so running my generator around the clock as I go through pounds and pounds of propane in order to stay “toasty” is counterproductive to that goal.

Yet I have been hesitant to break out my multi-layered thermal underwear getup. It is almost as if I don’t have to admit that winter is really here until I pull that thing out.

This morning I did . . . winter is finally here. 

Yet, that thing does keep the heat in and in a few minutes I was toasty warm and fine to work about in my trailer and I even went for a walk . . . twice.

I know what to do, I can handle this, and I will continue to move myself forward by enduring this cold. As for last night, once again in bed I was warm and fine. 

Not toasty but warm enough, by morning the bed was warm. It always takes a special kind of motivation to get out of bed when it is -20C, or colder, inside your house . . . trust me.

But then again, I am doing this for that land and that house. So I will continue to work on my Grand Savings Plan! 

Estimated to be complete mid 2022

(Large crowdfunding initiative notwithstanding.)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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