Monday 4 February 2019

I Survived The Weekend

Once again, it was not an “Epic Weekend in Vegas” or anything like that, just or average, run of the mill, Canadian Prairie -30C Weekend.

Yeah, that’s it, for all of you non-prairie folk . . . we call this Tuesday . . . an average weekend . . . yeah, we’re tough like that . . . yeah.

Okay, it only gets this cold for a short spell each winter, and even then it’s a maybe. (Seriously the “we call this Tuesday” talk is reserved for those who live “North of 60.”

As for me, I did make it through the weekend and I am still fine with all of my appendages and digests still attached. 

For the most part my bed is to be credited, my thick, regular, (pocket coil with a foam topper) mattress and five quilts with a down comforter on top is to be credited. 

I sleep with thick socks on and a toque on my head. I have found that when in such sleeping situations the less you wear the warmer you are. 

Your body heat will heat up your soon-to-be-warm-pocket, and that warm pocket then keeps you warm. 

I spent the mornings at a local coffee shop working away on my laptop. (I redesigned my “Payperiod Budgeter”) and drank a lot of coffee. 

When I was at home I bundled and stayed in my sleeping bag that I kept on the couch. Again, all while wearing my toque, of course. 

I listened to the radio and chatted via text on my iPad. Not the greatest weekend, but again, I have found that all you really need to do is find ways to keep your body heat in. 

At least that is what works for me. The first winter I ran my furnace and keep the place somewhat warm. 

Wanda’s batteries do not do well in extreme cold, so I had to run my generator at least once every two days and I was going through a 20 pound bottle of propane every week. 

I have found ways to get through the cold and still conserve my resources. Wanda’s batteries are disconnected and I haven’t run the furnace in at least a week. 

I will get through this, as I have seen this before, and I know how to handle it . . . all while not costing me a fortune. 

Not that I recommend others follow my lead, as you are the best judge of what you are comfortable trying to get away with. 

I am just saying, this is what I have done and it is possible to get through this cold snap without a furnace. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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