Thursday 14 February 2019

Much Closer to F*ckit

So, a couple of things happened in Boss’s life yesterday that pushed Boss closer to calling it quits and shutting down the company. 

One was the meeting with his accountants over the audit from The Taxman, and another was an audit from The Customs’ Man.

For the record both audits are ridiculous and they won’t find anything, but 

As anyone who has been audited by The Taxman, they have to find something to penalize you on, whether it is there or not. 

It’s in their job mandated as well as well ingrained in the culture of The Taxman. 

We run a clean operation and just do what we do, import stuff and sell it to businesses and people. 

Nothing glamorous or risky about it, it’s not like we’re in the weapons or pharmaceutical importing businesses 

So, Boss is feeling the stress and seriously considering running a different business (more than likely one without employees).

There was other stuff and other suggestions by the accountant, and one was to get rid of me and put Boss’s spouse in my job. (I for one would consider that a fast track to Divorceville.)

All of this may come to pass or none of it, the one thing that I know is that I will adapt and survive. 

If there is one thing on this journey it is to trust in myself and just deal with what actually comes to pass. 

Prepare for what may come, but do not stress over it. I just know that I will continue to work my plan and hope, just hope that I at least get the rest of this year working here. 

As I would really like to at least make 40% before being “actively encouraged to seek other employment opportunities.” 

So . . . all that talk but a final nail in the coffin of me going anywhere this weekend.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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