Wednesday 6 February 2019

Old School Warmth Tips

Okay, so it was also cold last night, yet I was also warm, snugly warm in fact. Rather than trying to heat my whole house, I choose to find ways to just heat me. 

I figured this out mid-winter of my first winter. At first I just ran the generator every second day and ran my furnace almost non-stop. 

I quickly realized that this was expensive and counter-productive to the massive economy drive that I am still on. 

So, that was when I bought more quilts for the bed and invested in that Cold-Weather Gear that I have pieced together. 

It starts with my base layer of a 4 layers of thermal underwear that have been sewn together.

Last night I slept in that thermal underwear thing, with warm socks. I also added a hot water bottle into my sleeping routine in order to bring in a piece of warmth. 

Not sure what a hot water bottle is? Well, in essence it is a rubberized bag that is about the size of a tablet device. 

It has a screw in stopper in one end that you unscrew and then pour in boiling hot water. The one I has will easily take a full kettle. 

I take that into the bed and that warmth will radiate out to warm the bed. After warming my core for a bit I will put it down by my feet to take the chill out of them. 

I slept with that thing giving its warmth to me all night. It may be old-school, but it still works and is something I highly recommend. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward.

PS: and stay warm.

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  1. Great tip. 4 layer thermal underwear sewn together? Wow. As we discussed, the beard helps ; P